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The first Automated Professional Device for the post-processing of ABS, ASA and Cellulose Acetate

Turn your prototypes into products!

Cut down the post-processing times
and double your production with 3DFINISHER

Automated Surface

After a cycle of an avarage duration of 70 minutes objects are evenly finished and roughness is reduced by 90%.

proprietà meccaniche

The 3DFinisher treatment improves the mechanical properties of your objects such as surface hardness, toughness, impact resistance, bending and tensile strenght.

Rende gli oggetti
impermeabili e lavabili

Once processed the objects are waterproof and don't require any further treatment. The elimination of the staircase effect makes them easy to clean .

e metallizzazione

cut down post-processing times and double your production with 3DFinisher


3DFinisher meets the requirements of the "Industria 4.0" National Plan
and entitles you to a tax credit that amounts to 40% for 2022 .

Guaranteed replicability.

3DFinisher is the first device for automated finishing of ABS, ASA and Cellulose Acetate objects, which allows you to cut down manual surface finishing times and to maximize the results of your 3D printer .

Intuitive interface and dedicated software.

Check the status of the process at any time; modify and save different presets according to the chosen material; set times and desired levels of finishing.

Post-processing automated & professional device

The next step of 3DPrinting. Now.





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MECSPE Bologna 2022 - 09/11 June

3DNextech, together with Bologna 3D, will take part to the twentieth edition of MECSPE, the international fair dedicated to the manifacturing industry.

Three days dedicated to business and networking, where you can discover the excellence of the entire supply chain for a smart factory, through paths dedicated to the key themes of innovation and digital transformation.

Examples of treatment

Drastically reduces surface finishing times.

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Automatic, fast and controlled process.

1. Setup Stage

After switching on the device, the user places the objects on the rack which must be arranged inside the machine, inserts the B-01 capsule in the specific housing and sets up the process parameters.

2. Process Stage

The lid of the machine is interlocked to prevent the opening during the process, consisting in a chemical finishing by solvent vapours. All the processed objects become waterproof, paintable, smooth to the touch and shiny. The mechanical characteristics are also improved.

3. Renovation Stage

The processing stage followed by a complete restoration of the device by means of filtration.

100% Made in Italy

3DFinisher is designed, developed and entirely made in Italy

Fields of Application

Discover fields of applications and uses of 3DFinisher.
Fields of application

3D Printing.

The 3DFinisher is widely used in the field of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, especially as a complementary device of FFF technological machines that employ ABS filaments. In fact, the FFF printers produce objects with poor aesthetic performance and scarcely waterproof.

Fields of application


Creation of prototypes and conceptual models with a perfectly smooth surface, suitable for varnishing and other types of coating. The 3DFinisher improves the mechanical resistances of the plastic materials, reduces the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic resistance of the surface and decreases the possibility of cracks.

Fields of application

Design & Fashion.

The treatment with the 3DFinisher perfectly polishes the objects and makes them paintable, smooth to the touch and significantly more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Fields of application


The objects in ABS and Cellulose Acetate treated with the 3DFinisher become washable, disinfectable, 100% waterproof and have a greater resistance to dirt and dust. The treated objects are used in the design and prototyping of medical devices, in the construction of anatomical models, and in the production of prostheses and orthoses. 

Fields of application


3D Finisher is used in the nautical field for prototypes and functional details. The processing makes the objects waterproof, paintable and reduces surface roughness up to 90%, reducing the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic resistance of the surface.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

It's not a 3D printer but a device for post-processing of ABS, ASA and Cellulose Acetate objects

The cycle has an avarage duration of 70 minutes but processing times may vary depending on the parameters set.

The 3DFinisher only works with objects in ABS, ASA and Cellulose Acetate

It is possible to carry out complete machining without losing the detail of the machined object, the result depends on the presets entered and the degree of finish required.

No. The minimum quantities of chemical agent and the filtering technology allow it to be used in any environment, without the need to install hoods and extraction systems.

Yes. 3DFinisher has CE and TUV marking. The user never comes into contact with chemical agents.

The 3DFinisher is interconnected and fully integrable in the company management system, it meets the criteria of Industry 4.0

3DFinisher is designed in a desktop version but can be made in custom dimensions to be inserted in existing production cycles. 


3DNextech is an innovative startup, a Spin-Off of the Superior School Sant’Anna of Pisa, specializing in the development of products and technologies related to the world of digital manufacturing, additive manufacturing and 3D printing. 


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